What is digital art?

Written by nftlady

The term digital art is a general name for a group of specific types of art that use digital technologies to display their work. Digital art includes video, multimedia, sculpting and many other types of works that normally would not be displayed as a piece of artwork because they could not be displayed traditionally.

Digital art might appear similar to traditional paintings or drawings, but it also can be displayed using an interactive projector. Digital art is created using workspaces that allow the artist to use different types of digitial media to create their work.

The digital medium was first used for art in 1962. Since then, it has evolved into many types of digital art that show up today on t-shirts, television, movies and more!

Digital art can be viewed by anyone with access to a computer or other digital medium. Many people enjoy looking at digital art on the Internet because you can see it for free.

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