5 types of digital artworks

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Art is a way for people to express themselves, to communicate their feelings and thoughts, or simply to create something beautiful. People have been creating art using many different mediums for thousands of years. New technologies are being created every day, so you’d think that internet art would be a fairly new thing. However, somewhat surprisingly online artists have been around for more than 20 years!

This article will look at 5 types of digital artworks which you can browse on the internet.

1. Html5 Websites – A website is a set of related web pages containing text, images or other content and usually served by a web server (also known as the host) using HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) or HTTPS (a secure version). Web pages are usually provided by separate servers, also known as hosts. The first website ever created was in 1991 and it included the text “Welcome to the World Wide Web.” It went offline after 24 hours, though (more information about this can be found here: ).

In the late 1990s, as more and more people started using the internet, websites became a popular way to share art. The html5 standard for coding has been around since 2014 and it allows for rich content that can include video, audio, animations and graphics. Websites are often on a specific theme, for example typography or web animation. There are many websites where you can browse digital art of all types, some popular ones include Dribbble, Reddit /r/DigitalArt and Behance.

2. Digital Art Galleries – A digital gallery is an online platform where artists can show their work to the masses. Some galleries specialise in specific types of digital art, for example pixel art, 3D art or voxel art. Others are more general and show anything from 2D drawings to polygons and include those produced with different technologies such as HTML5 or Unreal Engine.

Galleries typically allow viewers to leave comments about individual pieces. They are a great way to find inspiration and see work created by other artists, some of which may be well-known. For example, many people would recognise the art style used in Disney films such as Tangled (2010) or Frozen (2013).

3. Digital Art Commissions – A commission is when an artist creates something for a specific person or business. They are often given to businesses who want their logo designed, for example, but commissions can also be made for custom websites, videos and even 3D printed objects! Digital art is becoming more popular for these types of work because it can look unique while still meeting design requirements such as logos or characters.

Some digital artists sell their work through stock websites, for example Shutterstock where images can be bought by any business wanting to use them on their website or in promotional material.

4. Digital Artwork with A Story – Many digital artists create artwork that tells a story. They often use screenshots from games, movies and other artistic works as part of the image which they piece together in a non-linear way. This type of digital artwork is commonly known as a mixed media collage and can be seen as a form of digital art with a story .

5. NFTs – NFTs stand for Non-Fungible Tokens and are a relatively new type of digital artwork. was the first website to use NFTs which were created on the Ethereum blockchain, an open-source public blockchain that allows developers to create their own decentralised applications using smart contracts. This means that each cryptokitty is unique, like a one-of-a-kind digital artwork.

Although NFTs can be used to buy and sell real world items too (for example, you could sell your cryptokitty), many people use them purely for collecting. The site allows users to create their own kitties by buying certain physical traits which they are then able to breed. Each cryptokitty has a unique 256-bit genome that stores all the information about the kitty including its physical traits and other details such as birthdate.

They are not the only website to use NFTs, other websites include OpenSea which allows users to buy digital items for specific games, Enjin which allows users to create tokens for their games and Gods Unchained which allows users to buy cards for a trading card game.

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