13 ways to get more engagement on your art

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Written by nftlady

You can’t make people like your art, but you can encourage engagement with it in a variety of ways.

If you’re interested in making and sharing creative content on the web and growing your audience, there are some things you shouldn’t do — and some strategies that will actually help. Whether they’re simple changes to how you present your art or more substantial shifts in the direction of your work, these tactics can help you get more likes and comments on Instagram, more follows on Tumblr, or elicit other forms of engagement that lead to relationship-building between you and your audience.

What engagement strategies am I talking about? Here are some techniques for getting people involved with your work.

1. Stop thinking of followers as the only valuable interaction

2. Use hashtags, but don’t abuse them

3. Post more often (without overwhelming people)

4. Interact with others to grow your own audience

5. Show vulnerability now and then (appropriately)

6. Ask for feedback more often

7. Don’t ignore comments or questions on your work

8. Make the extra effort to inspire people with quotes

9. Schedule some time to respond to fans online

10. Be an active member of the community, not just a consumer

11. Share other artists’ work

12. Make your art more shareable with some easy tweaks

13. Ask for shares to build wider exposure

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