10 reasons to start your day with a painting

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Most of us are creatures of habit. We have our favorite dishes, books, TV shows and things that we do each day.

It is great to know what you like but don’t forget about challenging yourself by doing something new every once in a while. A great way to do this is through painting. Here are ten reasons you should start your day with a painting.

1: Creative Release

A great benefit of starting your day with a painting is the creative release. When you do something creative, it takes what’s in your mind and makes something physical so to speak. It creates something new and releases good feelings which can positively affect your mood.

2: Achieving Goals

One thing I personally love about painting is the satisfaction of completing a piece. Painting can be very relaxing but there are also times that it can be stressful. Like any type of stress, after you have finished your painting, you feel so much better about yourself. This gives you more energy and even helps you achieve goals.

3: Exploring New Mediums

If you are like me, then your eyes always see something that inspires an idea for a new painting. Whether I am scrolling through Pinterest or looking around town, my mind is constantly thinking up different styles of mediums to use in the studio. Painting is so much fun and it is exciting to try something new.

4: Increases Your Creativity

Painting and drawing are great ways to break out of the usual way you think. It allows your imagination to run wild while focusing on creating something original. There are no rules for painting so there is no right or wrong. This allows you to be more creative and really get out of your comfort zone.

5: Improves Your Focus

Painting requires a lot of focus which can help improve productivity in many life tasks. You may feel that you are not artistic but everyone is capable of painting with proper guidance. Painting helps your creativity skills grow while improving your fine motor skills.

6: Increases Your Memory

Since painting requires a lot of focus, it can be a great way to build your memory. I remember in school there were tests where you had to memorize ten items and then draw them from scratch. Those types of activities increase your short-term memory which is incredibly helpful.

7: Increases Your Strength

Painting can also help improve your physical strength. I know whenever I am working on a painting, I want to use strong and vibrant colors, so it feels like the energy of the painting is transmitting into my hands and becoming part of me. This makes me feel energized and great physically which can be passed on to other activities.

8: Increases Your Determination

Painting can also increase your determination which is extremely useful in many tasks. You will find that you are more willing to finish what you started because it already takes so much time and effort just to get the idea out of your head. It would be a waste to stop right when you are in the middle.

9: Increases Your Relaxation

Painting can be relaxing and rewarding both at the same time. There are times that painting becomes stressful but it is always worth it in the end. Art is a great form of therapy by helping you express yourself through your creations. This increases your confidence while decreasing your stress.

10: Improves Your Eyesight

Studies have shown that by doing art, especially painting, it can improve eyesight while reducing the risk of eye disease. It is believed that this is because you are looking at paintings up close for long periods of time which helps train your eyes to be stronger.

I hope you enjoyed these 10 reasons to start your day with a painting!

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